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Technology Can Help Stretch Your Business’ Dollar

Technology Can Help Stretch Your Business’ Dollar

Even when it is doing really well, your business never has enough money. There is always something that needs to be paid or purchased that isn’t in the budget. Well, one of the ways that you can put your business into a position where it can afford some of the things you have earmarked, is through the use of technology. Today, we’ll go through how investing in technology and technology support services can actually pay for themselves. 

What Makes a Good Value?

When you are trying to find technology that presents cost-saving tendencies and value, the first thing you have to identify is the return on the investment you make. In technology, ROI is the one metric that tells you just how much value you are getting out of a solution. 

Consider for a minute the technologies needed to support a remote workforce. You will likely need to get your staff laptops (which you likely would have done anyway). You’ll need to invest in an enterprise-oriented Virtual Private Network (VPN), some useful communication tools, and you will need to take some time and set up the policies and procedures to support this new strategy. 

Overall, this technology is cents on the proverbial dollar compared with having to support the same workforce at an office. The workers presumably can do the same amount of work from home as they do from the office (whether they do or not is a whole other matter), and it will cost you a lot less money in heating and cooling, electricity, and rent/mortgage payments. The value of the technology that fuels a remote workforce will pay for itself pretty quickly if you consider how much you will save not having to have as much office space to pay for. 

Really, the idea of getting value out of your organization’s technology isn’t new, but with business changing, let’s take a look at three strategies that many businesses are using to do just that. 

Cloud Computing

For the small or medium-sized business that is looking to compete in markets with enterprises, not being able to take advantage of innovations in industry-related software is a major hindrance. Cloud computing gives organizations the ability to take advantage of the latest and greatest technologies without having to commit huge amounts of capital to a strategy. 

Nowadays, organizations can get about any computing they could possibly need through the cloud. They can get full servers, applications that are important to the administration of their business, and all types of other tools and services and they get them in a fashion that is great for a growing business. Software-as-a-Service in particular is a great tool as it provides the application (or applications), storage, and management of the underlying technology for a small payment once a month. 

Voice over Internet Protocol

Speaking of Software-as-a-Service, one of the most useful SaaS packages on the market for a business looking to save money is the Hosted VoIP platform. Not only does an organization get a reliable and feature-rich telephone system that can meet all your organization’s in-house phone needs, but the ability to use the VoIP app to gain work phone access through a mobile device also goes a long way toward helping save potentially thousands of dollars every month. Talk about value, VoIP provides it. 

Managed IT Services

This isn’t a technology, but a service that pays for itself and then some. An organization not only gets access to the expertise of knowledgeable and experienced consultants, they also have their entire IT infrastructure proactively maintained to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum. Additionally, they gain expert perspectives in cybersecurity, business continuity, and more. If your organization depends on technology at all, managed IT services can be extremely valuable for you.

We Can Help!

If you are looking for technology that has a rapid ROI and can show its value early and often, look no further than KB Technologies Managed IT. Our staff of dedicated IT experts can help get your technology working for you. Give us a call today at (954) 834-2800 to learn more. 

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