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We work hard behind the scenes so annoying technology issues don't slow your business down.

Our mission is to help businesses like yours increase productivity and get more out of the technology you invest in.
We specialize in solutions that safeguard and protect your data and keep operations running smoothly.

Managed IT Services

Intelligent remote monitoring, proactive maintenance, and behind-the-scenes remote support.

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Cyber Security

Protect your business from threats like malware, viruses, phishing attacks, hackers and other threats.

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Improve interoffice communication with enterprise-level technology.

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Cloud Hosting Solutions

Reduce infrastructure costs, collaborate, and get more done with our unique cloud solutions.

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When you just want IT to work!

There are a lot of computer shops out there that you can call up to fix an issue or install a piece of equipment. They might be able to get you out of crisis mode, but they aren’t looking at the full picture.

At KB Technologies Managed IT, we understand business. We consult. We provide solutions to solve everyday challenges. We just happen to fix computers as well.

We believe (and have proven) that if you proactively manage technology, run maintenance religiously, and monitor a business network, everyday issues and downtime will be greatly reduced.

This is what makes us different than your typical tech support company. Sure, we can fix computer issues when you have them, but our specialty is preventing them in the first place.

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What Our Clients Say

KB Technologies is always on-time
KB Technologies is always on-time, informative, and professional when resolving our IT issues. They work diligently with our employees whenever a problem arises. All their technicians display a great level of patience and make sure to take the time to explain the issues we’re experiencing in a way we can understand. We love working with their staff of skilled technicians, they make it easy, and bring in quick results. Thank you, KB!
Florida House Experience
KB Technologies’ staff of technicians are extremely knowledgeable.
KB Technologies’ staff of technicians are extremely knowledgeable. They were very helpful and solved every issue I was having.
Centra Healthcare Solutions
We enjoy working with KB Technologies immensely
We enjoy working with KB Technologies immensely. Their technician, Domson, was very helpful, polite, professional and patient. Thank you, KB Technologies, for solving our issue in a timely manner. We appreciate the dedication and hard work.
The Lords Place Inc.
We always receive a quick response when reaching out to KB
We always receive a quick response when reaching out to KB Technologies regarding an issue we’re experiencing.
The Law Offices of Jesse A. Lieberman, PA
I would highly recommend KB and their services
I would highly recommend KB and their services to anyone looking for an IT company. Whenever we call, their highly skilled staff of technician’s handle things quickly, and usually, can get things fixed remotely. Their response times and high-quality service in unmatched in the IT industry.
Winners AwardGroup
We love working with KB Technologies
We love working with KB Technologies because we know that our IT needs will always be met and addressed quickly. We have had the luxury of being a KB Technologies client for over a decade and have never once considered switching companies. They ensure to keep our IT infrastructure running smoothly and our staff happy. Every KB employee is extremely knowledgeable and always have a fast, efficient, solution when an issue arises. To add, both the owner and upper management are very hands on, making communication between our companies a breeze. Choose KB , they will not let you down!
Honor Capital

Latest Blogs

Six Benefits of Remote IT Support You Should Enjoy

On-Demand Assistance

One of the biggest perks of remote IT support is immediate assistance. When an IT issue arises, you don't have to wait for a technician to arrive on-site. A remote support team can start troubleshooting right away.

This quick response significantly reduces downtime. Your business operations can continue with minimal disruption, which is a big win for productivity. 

Furthermore, this approach gives you access to a team with a wide range of expertise. Your business can tap into a pool of highly skilled IT professionals who can handle various tech issues. 

This is great for small and medium-sized businesses that can't afford to have their own IT team.

Cost Savings

Remote IT support can lead to substantial cost savings. You can eliminate the need for a full-time, in-house IT staff. Instead, you pay for the services you need when you need them. 

As a result, your team can focus on core business activities while the remote IT support handles the tech side of things. It's a smart way to use your resources.

In addition, managed IT services often include regular reporting and analysis. This information can help you make smarter IT plans and spending choices. It can also help you save money as you make improvements.

Proactive Maintenance

One key benefit of remote IT support is proactive maintenance. Managed IT services can prevent issues before they occur, which means less downtime and more productivity for your business.

Remote IT support also enhances cybersecurity. Timely updates and patches are crucial in today's digital landscape, and a remote IT team can ensure your systems are always up-to-date.


Remote IT support is highly scalable. As your business grows, your IT needs will change. A remote IT team can easily adapt to these changes, providing the support you need at every stage.

Support for Remote Work Environments

In addition, remote IT support is a perfect fit for remote work environments. 

As more companies allow employees to work from home, it's important to have IT support that can help them no matter where they are.

Remote IT support can help remote workers with most technology problems. This helps them work efficiently from anywhere.

24/7 Monitoring

Another advantage is 24/7 monitoring. Remote IT support teams can monitor your systems all day and night. They can find and fix problems before they become big issues, ensuring your business operations run smoothly and without interruption.

Remote IT support from a managed service provider is a good choice for all businesses, big or small. So why wait? Start enjoying the benefits of remote IT support today. Give us a call at (954) 834-2800.

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Ransomware is a Societal Problem, Not Just a Business Problem

Ransomware Has Devastated Society

Cyberattacks can target businesses and larger organizations, as well as individuals. Ransomware attacks can do the same, impacting society on a grand scale. With enough power, a ransomware attack can impact the general public and governments.

  • A study by Sophos showed that ransomware attacks against state and local governments saw not only high levels of successful data encryption (76% of attacks) but also low rates of successful encryption avoidance (19%).
  • In 2023, 28% of businesses paid over $1 million to ransomware, while only 5% did so the year prior.
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation reported that government facilities were the third largest target for ransomware attacks in 2023.
  • Ransomware incidents against government organizations were also 51% more prominent in January through August of 2023 than they were in the same span of 2022.

How Ransomware Affects the State (Third-Order Harms)

First, we need to establish what third-order harms are. To do this, we consult The Scourge of Ransomware, a paper produced by Royal United Services, a think tank based in the UK. The paper describes this type of harm as “the cumulative effects of ransomware incidents on a state’s economy, society and national security.” These harms are designated according to how far removed they are from the initial attack. Here’s a breakdown of the harms:

  1. First-Order Harms directly impacted the business that was attacked and its staff.
  2. Second-Order Harms impacted organizations downstream from the attacked business as well as the individuals who relied on or trusted the attacked business.
  3. Third-Order Harms impacted entire societies, organizations, and governments through all the ransomware incidents the collective experienced on an economic and security-based level.

Reading the paper in its entirety can be very beneficial. We want to highlight some of the third-order harm that the paper illustrates.

Here Are the Third-Order Harms of Ransomware

Third-order harms have the greatest reach out of the various different types of harm that ransomware can inflict. Many of these issues that impact society as a whole are not often discussed, as the paper illustrates:

“It should be noted, however, that there are significant knowledge gaps about the impact of ransomware at a national level. This makes it challenging to assess the severity of the harm caused by ransomware to the UK and other countries, and creates the risk that governments will not prioritise and properly resource responses to ransomware.”

Admittedly, some of these impacts are clear, but they are not often associated with ransomware.

For example, ransomware can impact the supply chain, leading to widespread issues with goods acquisition and worldwide trade. Most individuals are not going to consider these broad impacts of ransomware. The rest of the paper clearly illustrates a significant problem with how ransomware influences the economy if specific businesses and industries are targeted. The paper examines a situation where an attack on MKS, a US-based manufacturer that creates semiconductor chips, could potentially impact other modern infrastructures.

Of course, it is quite difficult to gauge the impact of any one ransomware attack on the economy. When examined from this context, there are countless elements at play for any one attack.

Ransomware attacks also have the potential to damage critical national infrastructure, or CNI, which can have broad influences and implications. Some examples are decreased public safety, interferences with crucial data services, and an undermined faith in government and law enforcement at large. These attacks also give competitors on the global scale an unwelcome advantage.

When discussing societal damage from ransomware, many of the problems that affect organizations at the micro level still apply at the macro level, which is just much more dangerous and much worse. For example, consider the serious ramifications of people not having access to government aid, programs, and services that they have come to rely on. A ransomware attack could bring these all down if it’s bad enough.

Cybercrime in general is seen as a normal occurrence now, which is a dangerous norm to embrace. In fact, vulnerable populations are particularly at risk of the harm that ransomware presents.

Ransomware is an “Everybody” Problem

We want to do our part to keep the public informed of ransomware threats. If your organization is ready to do the same, be sure to contact us at (954) 834-2800 today. We’ll work with you to protect your Florida business from the damages and dangers of ransomware attacks.

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Our Brand of Managed IT Takes Businesses to the Next Level

Understanding Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

MSPs, like us, manage IT infrastructure and systems, providing a wide array of services tailored to each client's specific needs. Our expertise and advanced tools support your network with scalable solutions ideal for small and medium-sized businesses in Florida.

Key Benefits of MSPs:

  • Proactive IT Management
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Expertise in Various IT 

Why MSPs are Essential for Modern Businesses

Managing IT is complex and demanding, but MSPs simplify this by handling your IT needs, allowing you to focus on core operations. We minimize downtime and enhance business continuity, keeping your systems running smoothly and up-to-date with the latest technology trends, giving your business a competitive edge.

Typical MSP Services

We offer comprehensive services, including network management, cybersecurity, cloud management, IT consulting, strategic planning, routine maintenance, and updates. This lets you focus on your primary business functions without the distraction of IT issues.

The Value of Partnering with an MSP

There are some serious benefits your organization can gain doing business with KB Technologies Managed IT. They include:

Cost-Effectiveness and Budget Management

MSPs deliver high-quality IT services at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team. Fixed pricing models allow for predictable financial planning and significant long-term savings. We help you manage your IT budget effectively through data-driven insights and recommendations.

Focus on Core Business Functions

With MSPs handling IT, you can concentrate on primary operations, improving productivity and freeing up resources. We manage routine maintenance and updates, enabling you to focus on what you do best while navigating digital transformation to stay competitive.

Access to Expertise and Advanced Technology

Our team stays abreast of the latest technology trends, offering you access to advanced tools and expert insights. This ensures improved IT performance and informed decision-making about your IT strategy.

Proactive IT Management

We proactively monitor and manage your IT systems, resolving issues before they escalate to minimize downtime and enhance business continuity. Our disaster recovery and backup solutions ensure quick recovery from IT disasters and future-proofing of your IT infrastructure.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

We implement robust security measures to protect against cyberthreats and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, avoiding penalties and maintaining a positive reputation. We also train your staff on cybersecurity and compliance.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our scalable and flexible IT solutions adapt to your business' changing needs, allowing you to scale your IT infrastructure as you grow and adjust to your market. Besides that, our flexible pricing ensures you only pay for the services you need.

Do your organization a favor and contact KB Technologies Managed IT at (954) 834-2800 to learn more about how managed services can benefit your business.

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Managed IT Services & IT Support in Boca Raton and South Florida

If you're a business owner in the Boca Raton area, you know how important it is to have reliable IT support. But did you know that outsourcing your IT support can provide numerous benefits for your business? Here are the top 10 reasons why you'll want to outsource your IT support to us:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Outsourcing your IT support can save you money in the long run. It allows you to avoid the costly overhead expenses associated with hiring and training in-house IT staff
  2. Expertise: When you outsource your IT support to us, you get access to our team of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals. This means you get the best possible support for your business.
  3. Scalability: As your business grows, your IT needs will change. Outsourcing your IT support allows you to easily scale up or down your support as needed, without the hassle of hiring and training additional staff.
  4. Flexibility: Our IT support services are tailored to your specific business needs. This means you get the support you need, when you need it, without any unnecessary services or expenses.
  5. Reliability: We understand the importance of uptime for your business. Our IT support team is available 24/7 to ensure your systems are always running smoothly.
  6. Security: With cyber threats on the rise, it's more important than ever to ensure your business's IT systems are secure. Our IT support team is trained to keep your systems safe from potential threats.
  7. Proactive maintenance: Our IT support team will proactively monitor your systems to identify and address any potential issues before they become a problem. This means less downtime for your business.
  8. New technology: Keeping up with the latest technology can be a challenge for busy business owners. When you outsource your IT support to us, we'll keep you up-to-date with the latest technology and best practices.
  9. Strategic planning: Our IT support team in Boca Raton can help you plan for the future growth of your business. We'll work with you to develop a strategic plan for your IT needs, ensuring your systems are ready for whatever the future may hold.
  10. Peace of mind: When you outsource your IT support to us, you can focus on running your business, knowing that your IT needs are being handled by experts. This will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on what's important.

In conclusion, outsourcing your IT support in Boca Raton to us can provide numerous benefits for your business. From cost-effectiveness and expertise to reliability and peace of mind, there are many reasons why you'll want to choose us for your IT support needs.

Your Managed Security Services Provider in Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale

Kb Technologies Managed IT offers comprehensive managed security services for any business, ensuring maximum protection and peace of mind. Our experienced IT professionals provide superior service to businesses in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and beyond throughout South Florida; no organization is too large or small to benefit from the ultimate network defense!

Our flat-rate IT services in Fort Lauderdale will eliminate all your worries about keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology. With us in control, you can focus on growing your business instead - rest assured that our experienced engineers are watching over your network and devices 24/7 to keep them secure from cyber threats around the clock.

With the complexity of technology ever-increasing, Kb Technologies Managed IT provides managed services to ensure your business has all its technological needs taken care of. Take advantage and free up time for other important tasks - allow our experienced technicians to provide a secure network and remarkable technical support so you can keep operations running like clockwork!

Team up with Kb Technologies Managed IT in Fort Lauderdale and you'll never be alone when it comes to managed services. Benefit from round-the-clock monitoring, ensuring that your company stays in the clear no matter what time of day or night - even on holidays! Trust us for total support all year long.

Customized Solutions - We understand that every business has unique needs, which is why we offer fully customized packages that are tailored to meet those specific requirements and fit within your budget.

Fixed Pricing - Our flat-rate fee eliminates the worry of unexpected costs. Whether it be network downtime, server failure, or employee computer issues, our pricing structure has got you covered.

Increased Efficiency - With our round-the-clock monitoring and swift support, your staff will experience less interruption and be able to focus on their work, resulting in improved productivity.

Proactive Approach - Our proactive approach focuses on preventing problems before they occur. We conduct regular maintenance and monitoring to gain valuable insights, keep your software up-to-date, catch small issues, and monitor your network for potential threats to take immediate action.

Enhanced Security - Cybersecurity is more vital than ever, and we take it seriously. As your managed service provider, we will provide the necessary tools and monitoring to safeguard your business and implement proper data backup and recovery systems to ensure your data is protected.

Dependable Assistance - You can count on our experts to provide professional support and technical assistance whenever you need it, 24/7. Our friendly team is always ready to help.

Know someone who would benefit from KB Technologies Managed IT? Let us know!

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