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Security Training Doesn’t Have to Be Hard, but It Does Have to Be Serious

Security Training Doesn’t Have to Be Hard, but It Does Have to Be Serious

The irritating thing about security is that you can implement the best solutions on the market and still find yourself lacking due to one thing: your employees’ actions. If your team isn’t trained to protect your network, then they are adding more opportunities for hackers to infiltrate your systems. Let’s discuss how you can train your team on security best practices.

Why Should You Prioritize Security Training?

Security solutions are pretty advanced these days, and criminals have their work cut out infiltrating a system that is adequately set up and secured. To bypass these solutions, cybercriminals have realized that they can use your staff as a means of entering your network, thereby rendering your protections moot.

Simply put, security training is there because you shouldn’t be risking your team members throwing your business under the bus, so to speak.

This all leads to an important question: what needs to be involved in your training to help protect your business from these kinds of issues?

Here are some important topics you should cover during training.

Social Engineering

Your users are one of the most vulnerable parts of your security infrastructure. You can control the configuration of your security solutions, but you can’t control how someone will react to social engineering attacks. This is why it’s so important to train your team on how to identify potential attempts to undermine your security. Show them examples and test them in simulated attacks designed to measure their knowledge and understanding. It could save you a whole lot of headache later on.

Security Protections

While it helps to keep your employees knowledgeable about security threats, you need to support them by minimizing the possibility that they will need to exercise such knowledge in a real-world scenario, thereby minimizing the chances that they will fall victim to the attacks. You should implement comprehensive security tools like a spam blocker, content filter, firewall, and antivirus that augment defenses while allowing you to keep your business safe. Furthermore, taking security seriously like this lends credence to the training you are giving your staff. 

Debunk Presumptions

It might appear that your organization is too small to become the target of a phishing attack or ransomware attack, but consider this reality: individuals are targeted by these attacks all the time. If one person is valuable enough to attack, then what does that say about an organization with dozens of employees, hundreds of clients, and thousands of dollars in potential revenue? Plus, consider the scope of attacks initiated these days, many of them random in nature, trying to target as many people as possible with no care for the results, as long as a couple of suckers fall for it. You need to nip these preconceived notions in the bud so your team can adopt the security mindset preemptively.

Let Us Help Improve Your Security Training

If you want to take your security training to the next level, KB Technologies Managed IT can help. To learn more, call us today at (954) 834-2800.

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