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Four Steps Toward a More Secure Network

Four Steps Toward a More Secure Network

The more your business depends on its technology, the more problems with cybersecurity can derail all the good things you have going on. Today, businesses are more susceptible than ever to hackers and scammers that want to gain access to their network to deploy malware, siphon information, and more. Let’s discuss four points of emphasis every business needs to secure their network and infrastructure. 

Protect All Endpoints

An enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution that protects all endpoints on your system will go a long way toward keeping your infrastructure secure. We recommend deploying a firewall and a comprehensive anti-malware and antivirus tool. This software will do a lot of the heavy lifting toward protecting all endpoints. 

Maintain Patches and Security Updates

Your business uses many different software solutions to get its work done, from the operating systems on your workstations to the productivity applications utilized throughout the day. These systems need to be updated periodically and kept up-to-date with the latest security patches to address discovered vulnerabilities or bugs. It’s critical that you keep up with this, as you could be leaving a pathway into your business open if you fail to do so. 

Train Your Employees

You can implement as many security measures as you’d like, but they won’t be effective without employee buy-in and education. Be sure to keep your employees up to speed on the latest cybersecurity best practices through comprehensive and—most importantly—regular training. At the very least, they should know how to create secure passwords and understand how to spot phishing emails. We aren’t talking about a one-and-done training session. You should constantly be testing and training your employees so they get it ingrained in their brains that their actions matter to cybersecurity.

Implement Multi-Factor Authentication

Access to accounts plays a critical role in protecting your infrastructure, and complex passwords are not always going to cut it anymore. Instead, you should be utilizing multi-factor authentication. We recommend that you use a combination of the following authentication methods: something you know (a password or passphrase), something you own (a smartphone or mobile device), and something you are (fingerprints, face scans, or other biometrics).

The sustainability and continuity of your business depends on you taking active steps to thwart cyberattackers’ attempts at breaking into your network. If you would like a professional perspective on what you should do to secure your network and infrastructure, give the IT security experts at KB Technologies Managed IT a call today at (954) 834-2800.

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