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Don’t Get Blindsided by Disasters, Natural or Otherwise

Don’t Get Blindsided by Disasters, Natural or Otherwise

Where there’s business, there’s the opportunity for losses. Even if you have your operations locked down, circumstances will always arise far beyond your control. We’re talking about the big ones, the devastating data loss incidents that grind your business to a halt and threaten its future. You can take action now to prevent these types of disasters from happening.

You Can’t Predict the Future, but with Backup and Security, You Won’t Need To

When considering data loss, your primary goal is to get ahead of the disaster and make contingency plans as early as possible. The last thing you want to do is experience something like this without a plan. Thankfully, there are measures you can take to protect your data. First, we want to explore common situations that could cause a disaster for data loss. After that, we’ll look at ways you can keep damage to a minimum.

Data Loss is More Common Than You Think

We put together a list of common situations that your business might face regarding data loss:

  • Natural disasters, including hurricanes, electrical storms, tornadoes, winter weather, floods, and fires.
  • Data loss caused by user error, such as improper configuration of systems or a failure to perform duties as needed.
  • Cybersecurity incidents, which often lead to data compromisation, corruption, or theft.

You Need a Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

All of the above situations affect your ability to access your data infrastructure. If data is unavailable for any reason, your business can struggle to operate effectively. Downtime and data loss should be kept to a minimum. A BDR solution that can take backups of your data and send them to secure, off-site locations from which they can be restored later can keep them in check.

Implement Security Solutions for Your Infrastructure

Other disasters could strike your organization in the form of cyberattacks and cyberthreats. Hackers will aim at your technological assets with the intent to disrupt or sabotage your operations, potentially making some money in the process. Ransomware is a serious threat that requires a data backup to resolve—and even then, it might not be enough.

We recommend that you implement both of the above measures to maximize the odds that your organization survives a run-in with a disaster, natural or otherwise. Learn more by calling us today at (954) 834-2800.

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